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    Introduction of Criações LMB

    The company cradle with its headquarters in Pindelo, in the county of Oliveira de Azeméis, Aveiro district, was founded in 1980 by Luis Moreira Barbosa and his journey has undergone immense transformations, adapting to market demands.

    In February 2001 its founded a limited company called LMB Creations - Decorative Items, Ltd.

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    Evolution of Criações LMB

    In 1980 the founder started its activity with the marketing of decorative items in copper, brass and others.

    In 1982 embarked on the manufacture of the products referred to, creating new methods to increase production which provided him open doors to new markets.

    From 1989 to 1991, after studying new market trends imposed itself with the manufacture of decorative pieces in tin and applications on porcelain, wood, glass and crystal.

    In 2001 it formed a limited company called, Criações LMB – Artigos Decorativos, Lda, booming the manufacturing and export success.

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    Evolution (continued)

    From 2002 built new premises and acquired new equipment aimed at the manufacture of new products integrating the challenges of globalization.

    In 2013 we decided to invest in our "Gold Plant - CORK", which is a 100% natural, sustainable and recyclable product, derived from the cork oak tree is a forest species that is a totally natural habitat without fertilizers, herbicides, or irrigation, Portugal is the country with the largest forest area.

    Over many years, cork has been used for various purposes, from corks to housewares, through insulation, jackets and footwear.

    In addition to the existing product catalog, we can accept customer suggestions for the creation and execution of several articles.

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